Hitting posture is the beginning of hitters embracing the ability to sequence their swing.


    Space between the hitter and the contact area is created by good hitting posture.


    Positioning is how the torso, arms, hands and bat move through the space created by good hitting posture is positioning.


    Speed and quickness is increased because the hitter’s proper positioning reduces wasted movements.


    Direction is the hitter’s ability to rotate to swing out in front to the contact area.


The Most Revolutionary Training Device On The Market Today

The Power Swing Connect is the best training aid available for hitters who need to feel their swing. The FEEL provided by Power Swing Connect quickly brings posture, space, positioning, speed & direction of the swing into sequence creating quicker, faster, more powerful, more accurate and more consistent hitters. Come SEQUENCE YOUR SWING!

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    • Mack Chambers

      My guys use them everyday.

      Head Coach | Seminole State College

    • Clay Overcash

      Give our young hitter instant feel for what they need to do.

      Recruiting Coordinator | Wichita State University

    • Kerrick Jackson

      We'd swing it in the games if I could.

      Head Coach | University of Missouri

    • Todd Butler

      Changes a hitters feel immediately.

      Recruiting Coordinator | University of Oklahoma

    • Logan Moon

      Love how is sequences the swing.

      Assistant Coach | St Louis University

    • Los Angeles Dodgers

    • University of Oregon

    • Oklahoma State University

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