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POWER SWING CONNECT + Playbook (2 Pack) (2 Thick)

POWER SWING CONNECT + Playbook (2 Pack) (2 Thick)

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Discover how coaches are using our methods to 


-Over 13 modules

-8 Performance Drills

And more!


Thick 150lbs - Above

Slim 60lbs - 150lbs


Unlock the true potential of your swing with the revolutionary POWER SWING CONNECT. Trusted by MLB and NCAA hitting coaches for the top professionals and college athletes, this cutting-edge tool is designed to take swing mechanics to new heights. 

By focusing on key aspects it s sequences your swing. Using posture, space and positioning  POWER SWING CONNECT  allows for proper rotation to increase bat speed and power, promoting the crucial skill of staying inside and THOUGH the ball eliminating the detrimental long-casting swing, and enhancing bat plane to prevent bat drag, the POWER SWING CONNECT delivers comprehensive training that translates into remarkable on-field performance. 

With its proven track record and unparalleled effectiveness, it's no wonder that this revolutionary device has gained the trust of top-level players. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to give you the competitive edge you deserve. 

Order the POWER SWING CONNECT and experience the enhancement in swing mechanics that will have everyone asking what you're doing differently.


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